FarmVille English Countryside Make It Your Own Quest

Farmville English Country Compass

The English countryside is now live and Farmville Freak for you! See, your first mission in the English countryside, the "Make It Your Own" Quest.

Farmville English Country to your taste

The Make It Your Own Quest celebrates the possession of their new English culture by all. You need to get some postcards to send to your friends to let them know of your arrival and English, start farming plow some plots of land to build.


  • 1. Send postcards to your friends and ask them to send one back.
  • 2. Collect six stamps. (Postcards received are in your gift box to find.)
  • 3. Arado 10 plots of land.

English Country Farmville make it your own search for information

After completing this course Quest Peasey get some rewards for all their hard work.


  • 100 XP
  • 1500 coins Farm
  • Dorking chicken Farmville

English Country Farmville entirely to your liking

What do you think of the first mission in the English countryside?

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