FarmVille English Countryside Listen Up Quest

Farmville Listen Up

After completing the Garden and building your English Duck Pond we meet again with the Duke in the English countryside, we know there is a rumor that Olivia leaves the village to have the local hot spot, the Pub! No, Pub ?!!?! How terrible.

Sir Duke then leads to the search tenth in the EC raises Map Search Listen Up, where we Pueblo to investigate this issue, horrible rumors and see what is going on by the residents and the screen. When Olivia goes, I'm sure there are many farmers (including you) to take charge of your happiness would launch ;)


Listen Up Farmville English countryside Quest Warning

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  • 1. Visit Farmville 6 neighbors in their English country estates.
  • 2. See your progress on the map . (Map "icon in the menu on your toolbar at the bottom right of the screen in the game and right above the gift box is located).

This quest is a piece of cake, but especially lazy or just a big spender, you can work around it by throwing some cash farm.

Farmville English countryside Listen Up Information Search


  • 100 XP
  • 1500 coins Farm
  • Bank

Farmville English countryside complete Quest Listen Up

It was this search easy for you, or just right?

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