FarmVille English Countryside Expansion

FarmVille Expansion

We asked for more land and Zynga was happy to oblige with new English Countryside farms and expandable ones at that. Yes, several expansions are available for English Countryside Farms!

Expansions can be purchased with Farm Cash or Farm Coins. Otherwise, the expansion will remain locked. Unique to the English Countryside, you will also need to have your land surveyed to complete your expansion. Read more about surveying your land later in this post.

FarmVille English Countryside Expansions

  • FarmVille English Countryside English Homestead – 20 Farm Cash or 25,000 Farm Coins Unlocked
  • FarmVille English Countryside English Family Farm – 30 Farm Cash or 50,000 Farm Coins Unlocked
  • FarmVille English Countryside English Freehold – 40 Farm Cash or 100,000 Farm Coins Unlocked
  • FarmVille English Countryside English Plantation – 50 Farm Cash or 200,000 Farm Coins Unlocked
  • FarmVille English Countryside English Holding – 60 Farm Cash or 400,000 Farm Coins Unlocked
  • FarmVille English Countryside English Estate – 75 Farm Cash or 750,000 Farm Coins Unlocked

FarmVille English Homestead

FarmVille English Family Farm

FarmVille English Freehold

FarmVille English Plantation

FarmVille English Holding Market

FarmVille English Estate

Expansions purchased with Farm Coins also require that you get your friends to help survey your land. For example, as seen in the image below the 24 x 24 English Estate expansion which costs 750,000 Farm Coins (or 75 Farm Cash) requires that you have 20 surveyors survey your land. If you click the blue unlock button, you will purchase the expansion and be able to view the required surveyors needed to completely unlock.

FarmVille English Plantation Unlock Button

To expand your English Countryside farm, you can invite friends to help you survey your land by clicking the green “Invite Friends” button seen below.

FarmVille English Countryside Surveyor Information

You have the option to “Ask for Help” to let your neighbors know that you need their help with surveying your land.

FarmVille English Countryside Expansion Notice

Will you be expanding your FarmVille English Countryside Farm?

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6 thoughts on “FarmVille English Countryside Expansion

  1. The form for requesting neighbors to survey my land so I can expand, never loads!!! Grrrr.

  2. i need to expand my farm, i can pay 4000,000. please tell me how to invite friend’s to survey. thank you.

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