FarmVille English Countryside Animals Locked in iPhone/iPad

Farmville English Spot Rabbit

It seems as if the English country market almost everything available Farmville / iPhone farmers IPAD, but everything is blocked! Thanks to this, but we know we can expect in the English ville farm and how to save money!

seen by the suspension plant and buildings, a few animals belonging to the country in the English Farmville iPhone / IPAD Farmville Market!

At present, only some of the photos, but now we know the names of the animals we see in our English country farms! Like the rest of the animals that sound?

  • Farmville English Country Ewe (Marina) – cash 10 Farm
  • Farmville English Country Ewe (pastel pink) – 10 Farm cash
  • Farmville Country English Ram (purple dots) – cash 10 Farm
  • Farmville Cat Country English Pub – 5000 Farm Currencies
  • Farmville English English Spot Rabbit Field – 1200 Coins Farm

Posted Farmville cat

Farmville English Spot Rabbit

Farmville Ewe (pastel pink)

Farmville Ram (purple dots)

Farmville Ewe (Marina)

Are you excited about all these animals from farm to farm new English country town?

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