FarmVille English Countryside Angus’ Et Tu, Brutus? Quest

Gross sheep Farmville

For the first time in the English countryside, which eventually found Angus Young, the sheep farmer. He guides us in the Et Tu, Brute? Search. In this effort we have to help her find her sheep Angus, Gross. For this search the neighbors to buy a sheep pen and visit the English in the country, and become familiar with the map . The map shows the progress of the people and their neighbors. Please enter them, helping the icon of your friends online.

Farmville English Country Notice Quest Angus


  • 1. Buy a sheep pen.
  • 2. Visit 6 neighbors in their English country estates.
  • 3. See your progress on the map. Map icon to the right over Farmville gift box on the screen.

English Country Farmville Et Tu, Brute? Information Search

If you complete Et Tu, Brute? Quest will be rewarded and who also have the ability, some coins on the farm as a bonus to your friends to share Farmville, giving a share to the Facebook News Feed.


  • 200 XP
  • 1500 coins Farm
  • Gross Carnero

You can then use Gross for the breeding of sheep for their complete in Farmville fold. For more information on the role of new sheep farming in the English countryside, you should use our Guide to Farmville Freak!

Link: Freak Farmville sheep and the sheep barn Guide

English Country Farmville Et Tu, Brute? Full Search

What do you think of this quest, complete it Brutus?

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