FarmVille English Countryside “Please Fence Me In” Quest – 4

English Country Farmville fold

Following the third Et Tu Brutus? Search , the search for a quarter of the English countryside is "Please Fence Me In" t Ques. "In this search, you will be using the sheep as new pen work and complete construction and purchase of some fencing of all the critters loose. Finally, the farm will expand again with the first available extension called "English Homestead."

Brutus tries to help in this effort, and has started for the sheep of his fold if your complete jealously guarded excited. Finally, you can not start a sheep farmer, until a convenient Love Shack!

Gross Quest Farmville Notice


  • 1. Complete a sheep pen.
  • 2. Country fences Buy 8 Farmville market, put it in your English agricultural country.
  • 3. Expand your English in the English agricultural Country Homestead. (25,000 coins farm)

Buy your way out of the achievement of goals 1 and 2 by using cash at the farm, but will not be able to handle the expansion.

Farmville English Country Please Fence Me In Quest information

If you complete these missions requirements, you get some special prizes. They are also capable of the success of their agricultural neighbors ville for a bond of exploitation of the coin in your Facebook News Feed turnout.


  • 200 XP
  • 1500 coins Farm
  • Old garage

English country Farmville completed Quest for Fence Me In

What do you think of this search and rewards?

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