FarmVille English Countryside’s Village Map

English Country Village Farmville menu button

Located in the menu on the toolbar ville farm in the lower right corner of the farm ville in the game screen you will find an icon for the new card "The People." The image below is what appears the first time you click on the map and clicking on the button like the

English Farmville field of Information Village

After being received in the village for the first time, reports to the card you want to track your progress in English landscape screen and those of your friends Farmville. You can help friends who fall behind the progress or the help of a friend in front of you by simply clicking on your avatar.

The map will help you track your progress and navigation through the English countryside.

Farmville English country map

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3 thoughts on “FarmVille English Countryside’s Village Map

  1. Don’t know what to do on village no informatiom about tasks to complete how do I know what to do (had time clock till I moved through village now gone) Please help

  2. Why isn’t working the third quest of the village in Countryside (Farmville)?

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