FarmVille & Edy’s Fruit Bars / Dreyer’s Ice Cream Farm Cash Giveaway!

Farm cash Farmville

Farmville is cooperation with the fruit bars and Dreyer's Ice Cream Edy later this summer.

In celebration of this cross-promotion are Dreyer and Edy bars sponsoring a mazing Fruit Farm-FV a $ 500,000 cash gift! No, this is not a typo. 500 000 farms are giving cash is a huge amount of $ $ 82,500 advance that has chosen the best value in the agricultural package of cash ($ 650 $ 107.25 FV) is.

Edy effective fruit Farmville Farmville Farm Gift Bars

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Farmville Freak sure for greater coverage of the upcoming holiday promotion including some exciting exclusive tuned!

What do you think about this next class and this money drawing Farmville farm?

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