FarmVille Double Duck Ponds

Farmville Duck Pond

Freak monsters as Farmville Farmville Farmville Ferry George and e noel Freak powers and inform many others who are able to duck ponds are twice as Farmville.

Zynga has made us this in its official guide Expansion Forum Pato Laguna Farmville. Farmville says Community Manager, stumpgrinder:

"If [Pato Laguna Expansion] receives the message, receive a second duck pond frames in gift box, if you update the game. Yes, you can put in your garden and build from there. It should be fine. Really! "(source Farmville Forum )

While it may be possible to place second duck pond on his farm, there is a major problem associated with the expansion Duck Pond as mentioned here .

Have you experienced double duck pond on the farm?

Farmville Freak's Ferry II Duck Pond

Noel's Pond Duck Farmville Freak II

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