FarmVille Dorking Chicken Inside Coop

Dorking chicken Farmville

Are you in Farmville Chicken Coop lately? It has a new addition to her! The new Dorking Chicken now has the list of chickens, which now can be added to the poultry had been reported.

Thanks to Leah for Farmville Freak bring this information to us!

So what do you mean, Farmville fans? Do you think this chicken looks like it belongs to the English agricultural field ville? Farmville Freak thinks so! This is because in the English countryside Farmville Q & A Dorking chicken was mentioned:

Will there be new crops / animals / landscape, the only English on the farm?

Much! Almost everything in the new English farm had never before seen anything yet. His second farm in the English countryside provide opportunities to others to grow new plants as English peas, King Edward potatoes, bells, English roses, and many of them. In fact, crops grown in the land of the English in everything new.

New animals are the cow Shorthorn, Shire Horse Dorking and chicken, but we believe that some of the most interesting new animals, the same sheep in the sheepfold playable.

So, if this space last chicken, you have your eye on the field Farmville English!

Dorking chicken Farmville

Have you seen this chicken all over your or your neighbor's farm?

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