FarmVille Deal of the Day: Hackney Palomino

FarmVille treatment of the day

FarmVille is back with 3 days his new deal of the day feature. Note that this function in a slow deployment in addition some farmers can Donrrrt has still have access to it. The offer day feature offers an effective element of the farm or farm-coin with discount and has a limited market availability. For example, the FarmVille will day cope with today’s Hackney Palomino.

Palomino Hackney is an element, limited edition, part of the element passed FarmVille Halloween. Buy farm cash from 23 to revise a reduction of the three farm cash, the original price. Hurry up, have just a few hours, your agreement with the day before the expire.

Try FarmVille Day (12 July 2012)

  • FarmVille Hackney Palomino – 23 farm cash

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FarmVille offer of the day: Hackney Palomino

You will bethe benefits of FarmVille handling of the day?

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