FarmVille Craftshop Quest 3: Finishing Touches

Farmville Finishing Touches

The third and last of the Craft Shop Quest trilogy called "finishing touches" required to have finished building your new craft, and prepare a little more to use.


  • Complete a craft store
  • 100 of the wheat crop

Farmville finishing touches Information

After all these missions are requiring a large amount of work done, he gave generously for their efforts. Farmers are happy to hear that a cash prize of farm is invovled!


  • 500 XP
  • Compound 5 in cash
  • 7,500 coin Farm

Completed final touches Farmville

At this point you can only build this new building is completed. His objective remains unknown players. By clicking on "Look Inside", the new gear, players are greeted with the following pop.

Farmville interior Craft Shop

What do you think of this store art missions? It was easy enough for you?

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