FarmVille Craftshop Quest 1: Workin’ on the Craftshop

Farmville Workin 'in the Craft Shop

There are new missions in Farmville! These new missions revolve around the new construction craftsmanship Farmville store. You can use this search either their stock (or English at Home Farm Farm Land) access. The Craft Shop Farmville Mission trilogy begins with Quest 1, entitled "Workin 'in the craft store."

The craft store will allow you to repair the equipment and the things you need for your business, so of course you need to start a craft that takes us to the first objective of this quest to get – Shop Craft Workshop!


  • 1. 1 x Artisan Shop
  • 2. Fertilize neighboring farm fields 25 times.

Farmville Workin 'on Crafts Store information


  • 100 XP
  • 2,500 coins Farm
  • Two hammers
  • Two concrete
  • Two spools of thread

Farmville Workin 'End at the craft store

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