FarmVille Craftshop & New Recipes Slowly Rolling Out

FarmVille Craftshop Completed

Several FarmVille Freaks such as FarmVille Freak Noelle and Erica have reported seeing Recipes in their Craftshop! That’s right, the functional Craftshop is slowly rolling out to all farmers. Hang tight if you haven’t received the update yet, as you soon will.

The Craftshop is a constructible building that will work similar to other crafting buildings as it will have recipes for you to make to then trade in for rewards. Along with the Craftshop going “live” today, there are also brand new exclusive recipes for you to work on in your Craftshop. Craft Mastery will also be available for these recipes in the near future.

Stay tuned to FarmVille Freak for more coverage on the Craftshop.

FarmVille Love Potion Recipe Notice

FarmVille Freak Noelle's My Craftshop Screen

FarmVille Craftshop Recipes

  • Lucky Penny Recipe
  • Fuel Can Recipe
  • Bottle Recipe
  • Love Potion Recipe
  • England Postcard Recipe
  • Pine Fence I Recipe
  • Pine Fence II Recipe
  • Modern Table Recipe
  • Moat Pieces Recipe
  • Double Avatar Speed Recipe
  • Stone Wall Recipe
  • Horse Statue Recipe
  • Shovels Recipe
  • Watering Can Recipe
  • Vehicle Part Recipe
  • Special Tractor Recipe

FarmVille Lucky Penny Recipe

FarmVille Fuel Can Recipe

FarmVille Bottle Recipe

FarmVille Love Potion Recipe

FarmVille England Postcard Recipe

FarmVille Pine Fence I

FarmVille Pine Fence II Recipe

FarmVille Modern Table Recipe

FarmVille Moat Pieces Recipe

FarmVille Double Avatar Speed Recipe

FarmVille Stone Wall Recipe

FarmVille Horse Statue Recipe

FarmVille Shovel Recipe

FarmVille Watering Can Recipe

FarmVille Vehicle Part Recipe

FarmVille Vehicle Part Recipe

FarmVille Arborists Recipe

FarmVille Special Tractor Recipe

FarmVille Collect Arborist

FarmVille Collect Cellar Shovel

FarmVille Collect Farm Hands

FarmVille Garage Parts

FarmVille Collect Horse Statue

FarmVille Collect Straight Moat

FarmVille Modern Table

FarmVille Collect Stone Wall

FarmVille Collect Tractor

FarmVille Collect Watering Can

What do you think of the new Craftshop and these new crafting recipes? Are making these recipes worth your time and effort?

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