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UPDATE: This article has been updated to include more information.

All have a great time our breeding ewes in the English countryside, but the results can be fairly random. The blog Farmville has produced some of the most common questions about sheep farming and the possibilities of descent answered on the basis of sex, and what determines the colors and patterns.

We learned that:

  • If you get the offspring of the same sex three times, the coming of the opposite sex will be.
  • Only the father determines DESIGN. (However, the lamb is no inheritance pattern of Ram).
  • The body color and color pattern are determined by both parents.

Despite what the blog Farmville claims we can prove that gender is not always true reality. I have produced many more than three sheep in a row. Farmville Other monsters have the results of the same sex and mixed results for the color and pattern as that witnessed the blog mentioned.

Farmville Blog:

"Many who often asked about how exaclty work sheep. No, not the" bee bee bee Chicka "part, but what determines the lamb, the colors, when fully developed, samples, etc.

First, if you get a lamb of a particular sex three times in a row, you get a lamb of the opposite sex guaranteed. The rest is left to chance.

Secondly, all possible patterns are determined by the father alone. A lamb is the pattern inherent to the brand or none at all.

Third, the colors of the body and the potential determined by the colors of the two fathers who are slightly deviated from the lawsuit based on diversity.

In the following example, with Brutus the ram and a brown sheep showed the following patterns of different colors and the sheep "

Farmville Gross & Brown Sheep Ram

Source: Official Blog Farmville

What is your favorite lamb or sheep, raising up to now? What does it look?

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