FarmVille American Express’ Blue Windmill & Instant Grow

American Express instant Farmville Grow

American Express windmill Farmville

Farmville American Express Gift Box

American Express is giving farmers a free country Farmville blue decor and a windmill supply instant-Grow application to promote its Membership Rewards program. You do not have to attend a holder of American Express card or a participant in the Membership Rewards program in Farmville this offer.

You will automatically receive a pop-up promotion after visiting the farm. Asks the American Express blue windmill place after getting a free instant grow obtained. The windmill decoration blue is an animation that will keep you on your farm or place of storage. Grow this application is a one-time consumption, which will grow once the entire field of crops to be 100% ready for harvest. Farmville Check your gift box for instant growth.

American Express Farmville windmill Notice

They are also the possibility of a gift, Mystery (Mystery Box label, while in Farmville gift box) with its neighbors by a Facebook News Feed Farmville Farmville part of the promotion will join American Express. Finally, if you are a member of the American Express Membership Rewards, which are 50% off Zynga Game Card, if you use your Membership Rewards bonus points.

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What do you think of this action? What price (s) received in the spare Mystery Gift?

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