FarmVille 2011 Cupid’s Castle Building Brick, Wooden Boards & Nails

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Get ready for Valentine's Day as Castle Cupid makes his way to the farm! Tonight is the beautiful building slowly rolled to the players. Some may have a building with a pop-up (see above), while others need as part of a buyback goal! (See more about the new search here )

Along with the function of a building is constructible Castle Cupid and harvestable (similar to Winter Workshop, Haunted House, etc.).

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Farmville Cupid Castle Building 1 Level

Farmville Cupid Castle Building 2 Level

Farmville Cupid Castle Building Level 3

Farmville Cupid Castle Building Level 4

Farmville Cupid Castle Building level 5

Farmville Valentine block

Valentine Farmville building wooden board

Nagel Construction Farmville Valentine

There are three stages to complete the Castle Cupid. At the end of the castle complete with the following requirements:

  • Step 4.1 nails, blocks 4 and 4 wood panels
  • 2.15 Stage Nails, 15 rubies and 15 rebounds
  • Stage 3 to 20 pins, the blocks 20 and 20 tables

Congratulations Farmville Cupid Castle & Privacy

Castle Cupid has his yet?

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