FarmVille’s “Open All” Special Delivery Boxes Feature Guide

Special Delivery Box Farmville

Farmville has finally provided the players with the function, plus a special delivery box open at the same time! For those who have kept these gifts to open even easier!

Farmville special delivery in a gift box

This is how the feature works: When you click Use as you would normally open a box of Special Delivery asked how many boxes you want to be free.

Farmville Special Delivery-Count Boxes

The two arrows help you increase or decrease the number of boxes you want to open together. Make sure you get the right amount, because when you click "use" means the process can not be stopped!

Even if the message "We opened the box, do not close or upgrade your browser to lose questions gifts. More Boxing try to be open at once may take a few seconds.

Farmville opened their boxes

After all the boxes are open, you get a list of items you get from them! They are displayed in a row overall, including the amount of each item.

If you open their boxes, and you get more than 6 different items at once, you will be in the position of displacement, with the right and the arrow keys on the left to all articles, you have to see.

Farmville Special open delivery boxes

Source: Official Forum Farmville

What do you think of this new feature? Agriculture is most convenient for you?

Note that this feature is only available for a random group of players at this time.

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